Attention: Due to personal reasons, DVMP has left tengaged.  However, he is still able to be contacted at, and will continue to host future seasons, if enough people from tengaged contact him at the website mentioned who want to play.  Thank you.Edit

Welcome to DVMP's Survivor Records WikiEdit

This wiki will be dedicated to DontVoteMePlease's games he has participated in, as well as games he has hosted, with episodes of each vote-off for every game, and an in-depth focus on what people were doing, what alliances were made, and what strategic moves have been happening.  Feel free, if you have particpated in the games, to edit the pages if I have made any mistakes regarding what happened to you and your gameplay. A tease for possible future twists is right here.  A tease for future season is right here.  You can find my twist and season rankings here and here.

Season Winner Runner-Up(s) Twist(s)/Set-Up Theme

Small Congo



  • First Season to have the Independence Twist.
  • Two/Three tribes.  

The theme for this season is war, and war-time seperation, independence, etc.

Big Tuvalu



  • First to have the Foresight twist.
  • First season to have the Hitlist twist.
  • 2 tribes, with two rotations.
The theme for this season is destiny, fate, and how one follow's or controls theirs.
Survivor- Laos
Joey Rico
  • First to have TBA twist.
  • Four tribes.
The theme for this season is loyalty, and who and what you can trust.

Current Game:Edit


How You Can HelpEdit

The main job that I am always looking for is someone who is able to consistently make opening introductions for each of my games, for tribes and at the merge, as well as the finale.

I also am open to letting you help co-host the games, as someone who goes on trips often, I am not always able to host it, so if you are interested, be sure to send me a mail.

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