Mason was a contestant on Survivor: The Congo.  Mason was originally on the Uhuru tribe, with the rival tribe of Kupambana, and later the independent tribe of Tofauti.  He placed 12th.


Mason was an early self-proclaimed villain, who made a core alliance with John, who said that he was fooling Mason into believing they were allies.  Mason believed that him, Yogi, Courtney, and John were an alliance, and wanted himself and John to go to the end.  

After three immunity wins, and Courtney declaring independence, Mason told John that he wanted to blindside Jake at the next tribal council they go to.  John then leaked this to Jake, who gunned for Mason, and an alliance of Danny, Jake, John, and Yogi was formed over this, all targetting Mason, who believed that the tribe was voting out Warren .  Because of this, Mason was blindsided in a 5-1-1 vote.  On his way out, Mason spread the rumor that Warren held the Hidden Immunity Idol.


Survivor Pole - Win

Trunk Puzzle - Win

Rope Hang - Win

Hot Potato -  Loss


Mason's Voting History
Episode Mason's


Voted Against


1 Immune
2 Immune
3 Immune

Warren    Danny, Jake,

              John, Warren,


4th Voted Out, Day 13


  • Mason was the first original Uhuru member to be targetted.
  • Mason is one of the three Uhuru's to never declared independence, along with Jake and Yogi.
  • Mason's blindside was nominated for the Best Blindside of the Season, and was considered the first blindside of the season.
  • Mason's vote was the vote with the most plurality out of any in the season, discluding Rohan's elimination, which was unanimous becuase of a self-vote.
  • Mason was a back-up juror but left the site shortly after his exit.  It is unknown if this elimination was the cause.