Pecking Order

The twist Pecking Order is in the planning stages and has not yet been implemented into a game.


Pecking Order: At the beginning of the game, before the firstTribal Council is over, each contestant must send in a Pecking Order to the host, giving a sequence of preference to who the castaway would like out the most, to who the castaway would like to be out the least.  At certain points in the game (pre and post-merge), instead of voting, the vote will be based off of who left in the game is highest on the Pecking Order.  Before this elimination takes place, the castaways send in a new Pecking Order to start the cycle over again.

The castaways will be let known of this before the immunity challenge, meaning that they might compete harder or less hard based on it. will determine what days the twist will be used, although it will nto be used twice in a row, in any circumstances.